Registration of Marriages Act, 1936

Remuneration of registrars by local authorities.

2.—(1) As on and from the date of the passing of this Act, every local authority shall pay to every registrar for the purposes of the Registration of Marriages (Ireland) Act, 1863 , whose district is situate in or is co-terminous with the functional area of such local authority an allowance (in addition to any remuneration payable to such registrar under any other Act), in respect of every year during which or any part of which such registrar has held office, of whichever of the following amounts is applicable, that is to say:—

(a) if such registrar has held office during the whole of such year—two pounds, or

(b) if such registrar has held office during part only of such year—an amount bearing to two pounds the same proportion as the said part of such year bears to one year.

(2) The allowance payable under this section to a registrar who holds office at the passing of this Act shall commence on the date of such passing, and every such registrar shall, for the purpose of calculating the amount payable to him in respect of such allowance, be deemed to have begun to hold office on the said date.