Labourers Act, 1936

Amendment of vesting order.

20.—(1) Where the Minister is satisfied, on the application of any person interested and after notice to all such persons as he shall direct and upon hearing such evidence as he shall think proper to receive, that a vesting order contains an error or mistake, whether clerical or substantial, and whether occasioned by the board of health by whom such vesting order was made or otherwise, the Minister may amend such vesting order as justice may require.

(2) Where the Minister makes an order under this section amending a vesting order, the registering authority under the Act of 1891 shall, on the lodgment with him of a copy of such amending order sealed with the seal of the Minister, rectify the register under the Act of 1891 in such manner as may be necessary to make such register conformable with such vesting order as so amended.