Conditions of Employment Act, 1936

Form of industrial work.

57.—Whenever the Minister makes regulations or grants a licence or permit under this Act in respect of a particular form of industrial work, the Minister may, in such regulations, licence, or permit (as the case may be)—

(a) specify such industrial work either generally or when done in any particular place or class of places or by any particular workers or class of workers;

(b) specify any form of industrial work by reference to the nature of such industrial work, to the workers or class of workers by whom such industrial work is done, or in such other manner as he may think fit:

(c) when different forms of industrial work are done in any industrial undertaking or class of industrial undertakings refer to by any collective description and specify as one form of industrial work such forms or any of such forms of individual work done in such industrial undertaking or class of industrial undertakings;

(d) in specifying any form of industrial work make such exceptions and exclusions as he may think fit.