Conditions of Employment Act, 1936

The short day.

31.—(1) Save as otherwise provided by this section Saturday shall be the short day for every industrial undertaking for the purpose of this Act.

(2) Any employer who employs workers to do any industrial work in any industrial undertaking may send to the Minister, in the prescribed form and manner, a notice stating that for such undertaking he wishes to substitute another specified day of the week (not being Sunday) as the short day instead of Saturday or any day previously substituted for Saturday under this section and save as otherwise provided by this section, on the expiration of seven days from the day on which such notice is so sent such specified day shall be in respect of such undertaking the short day for the purpose of this Act.

(3) Where in respect of any industrial undertaking a notice under this section has been sent to the Minister, until the expiration of a period of three months from the date of the sending of such notice no further such notice in respect of such industrial undertaking shall be sent to the Minister and any further such notice sent within such period shall be void and of no effect.