Conditions of Employment Act, 1936

Notice of time of annual leave.

27.—(1) Every employer who is required by this Act to allow annual leave to a worker, shall give to every worker to whom he is so required to allow such annual leave notice in writing of the day on which such annual leave will begin, and shall so give such notice not less than two weeks before such day.

(2) A notice given in pursuance of this section to a worker may be given either by handing such notice to such worker or by exhibiting such notice in a prominent position to which such worker has access in the place in which he is employed.

(3) Every employer, required by this section to give to any worker such notice as is mentioned in the preceding sub-sections of this section, who fails or neglects to give in accordance with this section such notice to any worker on any occasion on which he is so required so to do shall be guilty of an offence under this section.