Conditions of Employment Act, 1936

Inspection of weights and measures used in ascertaining wages.

23.—Every Act and regulations for the time being in force relating to appliances which are weights, measures, scales, balances, steelyards, weighing machines or measuring instruments (in this section referred to as measuring appliances) shall extend to measuring appliances used in any place for ascertaining the amount of industrial work done by any worker or outworker for the purpose of calculating the amount of piece work wages payable to him, in like manner as if such measuring appliances were used in the sale of goods and if such place were a place where goods are kept for sale, and every such Act shall apply accordingly, and every inspector of weights and measures or other person authorised to inspect or examine weights and measures shall inspect, stamp, mark, search for and examine the said measuring appliances accordingly and for that purpose shall have the same powers and duties as he has in relation to measuring appliances used in the sale of goods.