Cork Fever Hospital Act, 1935

Commencement of Part III of this Act.

6.—(1) If within two years after the passing of this Act—

(a) the scheme is approved of by the Minister under the immediately preceding section, and

(b) there is made, under section 25 of the Public Hospitals Act, 1933 (No. 18 of 1933), to the Corporation for the benefit of the hospital to which the scheme relates a grant out of the Hospitals Trust Fund of an amount not less than one half of the estimated cost, as stated in the scheme, as so approved, of carrying out the scheme, and for all or any of the purposes mentioned in paragraphs (a) (b) (c) and (d) of sub-section (7) of the said section 25 ,

the Minister shall by order declare that Part III of this Act shall come into operation as from a date specified in such order, and upon such order being made the said Part III shall come into operation on the date so specified.

(2) Part III of this Act shall not come into operation save by virtue of an order made under the immediately preceding sub-section.