Local Government (Dissolved Authorities) Act, 1935

Abortive election of members of dissolved local authority.

4.—(1) Whenever, after the passing of this Act, the Minister, in pursuance of sub-section (5) of the principal section or in pursuance of that sub-section as applied and modified by this section, fixes a day for the holding of an election of members of a local authority dissolved by an order made by the Minister under the principal section (whether such local authority was so dissolved before or is so dissolved after the passing of this Act) and at the nomination of candidates for such election either no candidates are nominated or a number of candidates less than the quorum for meetings of such local authority is nominated, such election shall not be proceeded with, and such local authority shall continue to be dissolved by virtue of the principal section and the relevant order thereunder, and the principal section shall continue to apply in respect of such local authority but with the modification that the period of three years mentioned in sub-section (5) of the principal section shall be reckoned from the said day which was fixed by the Minister for the holding of the said election.

(2) The foregoing sub-section of this section shall apply and have effect in relation to any particular local authority so often as the circumstances mentioned in that sub-section shall occur in relation to such local authority.