Shannon Fisheries Act, 1935

Power to purchase in lieu of paying compensation.

5.—(1) Whenever an application is made to the Board for compensation under this Part of this Act in respect of injury to a fishery or fishing right, the Board may, at any time before the assessment of such compensation, give to the person by whom such application was made and to all other persons (if any) who appear to the Board to be interested in such fishery or fishing right or any such land, way-leave, or other right as is hereinafter mentioned a notice in writing declaring the intention of the Board to acquire such fishery or fishing right and any land, way-leave, or other right which, in the opinion of the Board, is ancillary to or necessary for the enjoyment of such fishery or fishing right.

(2) Every notice given by the Board under the foregoing sub-section of this section shall specify, as fully as reasonably may be, the fishery or fishing right, land, way-leaves, and other rights to which such notice relates.

(3) Whenever the Board has given a notice under the foregoing provisions of this section, the Board shall be entitled to purchase and shall purchase and all owners, lessees, and other persons interested shall sell to the Board the fishery or fishing right and any land, way-leave, or other right specified in such notice.