Milk and Dairies Act, 1935


Sale of Milk Under Special Designations.

Special designation licences.

35.—(1) The Minister may by regulations made by him under this section prescribe the designations which may be used in connection with milk sold or offered or exposed for sale, and references in this Part of this Act to a “special designation” shall be construed as referring to a designation prescribed by regulations made under this section and for the time being in force.

(2) Whenever the Minister makes regulations under the immediately preceding sub-section prescribing a special designation, he may by the same or subsequent regulations provide for all or any of the following matters, that is to say:—

(a) the grant of licences (in this Part of this Act referred to as special designation licences) to sell milk under such special designation;

(b) the authorities (including the Minister) to grant such licences;

(c) the form of such licences;

(d) the persons to whom such licences may be granted;

(e) the duration of such licences;

(f) the conditions precedent to the grant of such licences;

(g) the terms and conditions (including revocation and suspension) subject to which such licences are to be granted;

(h) such other matters in relation to such licences as the Minister thinks proper to make provision for.

(3) Every regulation under this section shall be made with the concurrence of the Minister for Agriculture.