Milk and Dairies Act, 1935

Regulations in relation to dairies and milk.

31.—(1) The Minister may from time to time by order make regulations in relation to all or any of the following matters:—

(a) the construction of dairies;

(b) the lighting ventilation drainage and water supply of dairies;

(c) the cleansing of dairies, vessels, machines, or vehicles used in connection with the business of dairyman, and the precautions to be taken to secure their cleanliness;

(d) the precautions to be taken for the protection of milk against contamination or infection;

(e) the manner of cooling milk;

(f) the conveying and distribution of milk;

(g) the labelling, marking, or identifying of receptacles for milk;

(h) the manner of closing receptacles used for the carriage or delivery of milk;

(i) the milking of animals and the utensils, and machines used for that purpose;

(j) the inspection of dairies, of vessels, machines and vehicles used in connection with the business of dairyman, and of persons who have access to dairies or to such vessels, machines or vehicles;

(k) the persons by whom such inspections are to be carried out;

and such regulations may be either special or general and may be made in relation to the whole of Saorstát Eireann or any specified part thereof.

(2) The word “milk” where it occurs in this section means milk intended to be or in the course of being sold.

(3) Every regulation under this section shall be made with the concurrence of the Minister for Agriculture.

(4) If any person acts in contravention of or fails to comply with any regulation made under this section such person shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof, in the case of a first offence under this section, to a fine not exceeding five pounds, and, in the case of a second or any subsequent offence under this section, to a fine not exceeding fifty pounds, and, in either case, if the offence is a continuing one, to a further fine not exceeding forty shillings for each day during which the offence continues.

(5) An offence under this section may be prosecuted by or at the suit of the sanitary authority within whose sanitary district the offence was committed as prosecutor.