Milk and Dairies Act, 1935


17.—(1) All expenses incurred by a Minister of State under this Act shall, to such extent as may be sanctioned by the Minister for Finance, be paid out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas.

(2) The expenses of a sanitary authority incurred under this Act shall be raised and defrayed in the manner in which the expenses incurred by such sanitary authority under the Public Health Acts, 1878 to 1931, are raised and defrayed, and, in the case of the board of health of a county health district, shall be charged equally over the whole of such county health district.

(3) All expenses reasonably incurred by an officer of a sanitary authority in relation to any prosecution for an offence under this Act shall be refunded to him by the sanitary authority of the sanitary district in which such offence was committed.