Courthouses (Provision and Maintenance) Act, 1935

Powers of judges in respect of caretakers and their assistants.

8.—(1) Any Judge of the Supreme Court, the High Court, or the Circuit Court may at any time require and enforce the attendance before him of the caretaker or any assistant to the caretaker of any courthouse accommodation provided and maintained under this Act in which such Judge is for the time being holding a sitting of the Court of Justice and may examine such caretaker or assistant in regard to his duties as such caretaker or assistant (as the case may be) and his performance of such duties, and may, if he is satisfied that such caretaker or assistant has failed to perform his said duties efficiently or at all, impose on such caretaker or assistant a fine not exceeding ten pounds payable to the county registrar having the custody and control of the said courthouse accommodation.

(2) Whenever a Judge imposes under this section a fine on any person, such Judge may direct that, without prejudice to any other method of recovery, such fine shall be deducted in one or more instalments from the remuneration payable to such person in respect of his office as the caretaker or assistant to the caretaker of courthouse accommodation, and whenever a Judge gives any such direction it shall be the duty of the council by whom such remuneration is payable to make such deduction therefrom accordingly and to pay the amount of such deduction to the county registrar to whom the said fine is payable.

(3) Every fine imposed under this section on any person may be recovered as a civil debt in any court of competent jurisdiction by the county registrar to whom such fine is payable.