Pounds (Provision and Maintenance) Act, 1935

Appointment of pound-keepers.

5.—(1) Every local authority in whose functional area any pound is situate shall as often as occasion requires appoint for each such pound and (save as is otherwise provided by this Act) shall pay a fit and proper person to be keeper thereof and shall also so appoint and shall pay so many (if any) fit and proper persons as the county registrar shall direct, either generally or in any particular case, to be assistants to such pound-keeper.

(2) Whenever a local authority fails for three months to make any appointment which such authority is required by the foregoing sub-section of this section to make, the Minister may make such appointment, and in every such case shall direct the manner in which the person so appointed shall be remunerated.

(3) Whenever a vacancy occurs in the post of a pound-keeper who is appointed under this section or in the post of assistant to any such pound-keeper the county registrar having the control and management of the pound in respect of which such vacancy occurs may appoint a person to fill such post temporarily until such post is duly filled under this section, and in every such case the person so appointed shall be remunerated in the same manner and to the same extent as the person who held such post prior to such vacancy.

(4) Every pound-keeper appointed under this section and every assistant to any such pound-keeper may, if he is paid or remunerated wholly or partly by a local authority, be dismissed from his post as such pound-keeper or assistant by either the Minister or such local authority and may, in every other case, be dismissed from his said post by the Minister.

(5) Neither the Court Officers Act, 1926 (No, 27 of 1926), nor the Local Authorities (Officers and Employees) Act, 1926 (No. 39 of 1926), shall apply to any person appointed or to any appointment made under this section.