Slaughter of Cattle and Sheep Act, 1934

Manufacturing licences.

34.—(1) The Minister may, on the application of any person in the prescribed form and manner, grant to such person a licence (in this Act referred to as a manufacturing licence) to carry on a specified business the carrying on of which without such licence is prohibited by this part of this Act.

(2) The Minister may attach to a manufacturing licence such conditions as he shall think proper and shall specify in such licence.

(3) A manufacturing licence shall be expressed and shall operate to authorise the person to whom the same is granted to carry on, under and in accordance with the terms of such licence, the business specified in such licence.

(4) The Minister may at any time revoke a manufacturing licence if he is satisfied that there has been a breach by the holder of such licence of any of the conditions attached to such licence, or that the holder of such licence has committed an offence under any section of this Act.

(5) Before revoking a manufacturing licence under this section, the Minister shall give at least one month's notice in writing of his intention so to revoke such licence to the holder thereof, and shall consider any representations made within seven days after the service of such notice by such holder and shall, if requested, cause an inquiry to be held into the manner.

(6) A notice of the Minister's intention to revoke a manufacturing licence under this section may be served by delivering it to the licence of such licence or by sending it by post to such holder at his last known place of abode.