Control of Manufactures Act, 1934

Register of new manufacture licences.

12.—(1) As soon as may be after the passing of this Act the Minister shall establish and shall thereafter maintain a register (in this section referred to as the said register) of new manufacture licences granted under this Act.

(2) Immediately upon the establishment of the said register the Minister shall enter therein all new manufacture licences granted under the Principal Act before the passing of this Act, and whenever a new manufacture licence is granted after the passing of this Act the Minister shall forthwith enter such licence in the said register.

(3) Every entry of a new manufacture licence in the said register shall include a statement of the name of the person to whom such licence was granted, the article, material, or substance to which such licence relates, and the thing or things which the licensee under such licence is authorised by such licence to do.

(4) The said register shall be kept at such place in the City of Dublin as the Minister shall direct and shall be open to inspection by the public during the prescribed hours on every day (except Sundays and bank holidays) on payment of the prescribed fee.