Dairy Produce (Amendment) Act, 1934

Licensing of vehicles equipped with cream-separating plant.

3.—(1) The Minister may, if he so thinks fit, grant to any person a vehicle licence authorising such person to carry on cream-separating business on any mechanically propelled vehicle which, in the opinion of the Minister, is so constructed and equipped as to be suitable for carrying on such business thereon.

(2) In this Act the expression “licensed vehicle” means a mechanically propelled vehicle in respect of which a vehicle licence has been granted and is in force.

(3) There shall be paid to the Minister on every application for a vehicle licence a fee of one pound.

(4) All fees paid under this section shall be collected and taken in such manner as the Minister for Finance may from time to time direct and shall be paid into or disposed of for the benefit of the Exchequer in accordance with the directions of the Minister for Finance.

(5) The Public Offices Fees Act, 1879, shall not apply in respect of any fees payable under this section.