Public Assistance (Acquisition of Land) Act, 1934

Notices, etc., of confirmation of compulsory acquisition order.

8.—As soon as may be after the Minister has made an order confirming (whether with or without modification) a compulsory acquisition order, the public assistance authority by whom such compulsory acquisition order was made shall—

(a) publish in a newspaper circulating in the functional area of such authority an advertisement in the prescribed form stating that such compulsory acquisition order has been confirmed by the Minister and that a copy of such order as so confirmed and the map referred to therein may be inspected at a specified place, and

(b) give to every person who appeared at the public local inquiry (if any) held in respect of such order to support an objection thereto made by him a written notice in the prescribed form containing the like statements as are hereinbefore required to be contained in the said advertisement.