Road Transport Act, 1933

Provision for applications by public authorities etc., in certain cases.

49.—(1) Where under this Act an application to the railway tribunal may be made by a representative body of traders or by a body of persons representative of a trade or a locality, the application may be made by any of the following authorities or bodies:—

(a) any harbour board, or the council of any county or borough or district; or

(b) any chamber of commerce or association representative of shipping, agriculture, traders, freighters or transport undertakers which may obtain a certificate from the Minister that it is a proper body to make such an application.

(2) Subject as in this section provided, no company, body, or person, not directly interested in the subject-matter of any application shall be entitled to make such application.

(3) Any authority or body as aforesaid may appear in opposition to any application or submission in any case where such authority, or the persons represented by them, appear to the Minister to be likely to be affected by the decision on any such application or submission.

(4) The Minister may, if he thinks fit, require as a condition of giving a certificate under this section that security be given, in such manner and to such amount as he thinks necessary, for costs which may be incurred.

(5) Any certificate granted under this section shall, unless withdrawn, be in force for twelve months from the date on which it was given.

(6) Any expenses incurred by any such authority in or incidental to any such application or opposition shall be defrayed out of the rate or fund out of which the expenses of the authority in the execution of their ordinary duties are defrayed.