Road Transport Act, 1933


48.—(1) No appeal shall lie from any decision of the railway tribunal under this Act on a question of fact or any question regarding the locus standi of any person appearing or claiming to be heard before them.

(2) Subject to the immediately preceding sub-section, an appeal shall lie from every decision of the railway tribunal under this Act to the Supreme Court, but no such appeal shall be brought except in conformity with rules of court of the Supreme Court.

(3) On the hearing of an appeal from the railway tribunal under this section the Supreme Court may draw all such inferences as are not inconsistent with the facts expressly found by the railway tribunal, and are necessary for determining the questions raised on the appeal, and shall have all such powers for that purpose as if the appeal were an appeal from a judgment of the High Court, and may make any order which the railway tribunal could have made, and also any such further or other order as may be just, and the costs of and incidental to an appeal shall be in the discretion of the Supreme Court, but neither the railway tribunal nor any member or officer thereof shall be liable to any costs by reason or in respect of any appeal.