Road Transport Act, 1933

Schedules of charges.

39.—(1) Where the railway tribunal has determined a classification of merchandise applicable to the licensee under a merchandise licence, such licensee shall, within three months or such longer period as the Minister may allow after such determination, submit to the railway tribunal a schedule of charges proposed to be made by such licensee according to the classification of merchandise so determined.

(2) The railway tribunal shall consider every schedule of proposed charges submitted to them under this section by the licensee under a merchandise licence and any objections thereto which may be lodged within the appointed time and in the appointed manner, and after hearing all parties interested and who are desirous of being heard shall settle the said schedule and fix the date on which the same is to come into force and as from the said date the said schedule of charges as so settled shall subject to amendment by the railway tribunal under this Part of this Act be the schedule of charges in force for the licensee under such licence.