Unemployment Assistance Act, 1933

Definition of unemployment.

4.—(1) A person shall not be deemed to be unemployed within the meaning of this Act—

(a) on any day on which he works for wages or other remuneration, whether paid in money or in goods or otherwise howsoever, nor

(b) during any period which is in respect of such person an employment period within the meaning of this section.

(2) For the purposes of this Act two periods of unemployment of not less than two days each, separated by a period of not more than two days during which a person has not been employed for more than twenty-four hours, shall in relation to such person be treated as a continuous period of unemployment, and the expression “continuously unemployed” shall have a corresponding meaning.

(3) The Minister may by regulations made by him under this Act prescribe, either generally or in respect of any particular class or classes of persons or any particular district or districts, any period to be an employment period and accordingly no person of such class or resident in such district shall during such employment period be regarded as unemployed within the meaning of this Act.