Unemployment Assistance Act, 1933

Rates of unemployment assistance.

17.—(1) In this section the expression “scheduled rate” means the rate of unemployment assistance stated in the Schedule to this Act which is, in the circumstances for the time being existing, applicable to the person in respect of whom the expression is used.

(2) Whenever a person is entitled under this Act to receive unemployment assistance, such assistance shall be given to him in the form of a money payment at whichever of the following rates is applicable, that is to say:—

(a) if he has no means or if he has means not exceeding two shillings per week, at the scheduled rate; and

(b) if he has means exceeding two shillings per week, at a rate equal to the scheduled rate reduced by one shilling per week for every shilling or part of a shilling by which the means of such person exceeds two shillings per week.

(3) Whenever in the calculation of the rate at which unemployment assistance is payable to a person, the weekly amount by which the scheduled rate is to be reduced is equal to or exceeds the weekly amount of the scheduled rate, no unemployment assistance shall be payable to such person.

(4) The means of any person for the purpose of this section shall be taken to be the means of such person as stated in the qualification certificate for the time being held by him.