Merchant Shipping (Safety and Load Line Conventions) Act, 1933

Amendments of the Merchant Shipping (Wireless Telegraphy) Act, 1919.

7.—(1) The power of the Minister in consultation with the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs to make rules under sub-section (2) of section one of the Merchant Shipping (Wireless Telegraphy) Act, 1919, shall include power to make rules—

(a) requiring the master of a ship to enter in the official log book such particulars relating to the operation of the wireless telegraph installation and as to the maintenance of the wireless telegraph service, as may be specified in the rules; and

(b) making provision as to the certificates to be held by, and the duties of, operators and watchers.

(2) If the master of a Saorstát Eireann ship fails to comply with any such requirement, or if any operator or watcher on any such ship contravenes the said rules he shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding ten pounds.

(3) The Minister shall not, in pursuance of the powers conferred on him by the said Act, exempt from the obligations imposed by that Act any ship plying on international voyages, unless the exemption of the ship appears to him to be authorised by paragraph (2) of Article twenty-seven, or by Article twenty-eight, of the Safety Convention.

(4) For the purposes of sub-section (2) of section three of the said Act the expression “passengers” shall have the same meaning as it has for the purpose of Part III of the Principal Act.