Land Act, 1933

General rules and regulations.

3.—(1) The Minister may, with the concurrence of a majority of a committee consisting of the Judicial Commissioner, the Secretary of the Land Commission, and a Lay Commissioner appointed for the purpose by the Minister and after consultation with the President of the Incorporated Law Society, make rules for carrying into effect the provisions (other than provisions relating to land purchase finance) of the Land Purchase Acts including this Act (except Part II thereof) and in this Act the word “prescribed” means prescribed by such rules.

(2) Rules made under the next preceding sub-section of this section may revoke in whole or in part or amend any rule made under any of the Land Purchase Acts except rules relating to land purchase finance.

(3) The Minister for Finance may make rules and regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of this Act relating to land purchase finance, and may by such rules or regulations adapt to the requirements of this Act any provision relating to land purchase finance contained in any Act passed before this Act.