Land Act, 1933


Miscellaneous Amendments of the Law relating to Land Purchase.

Levy by county registrar on warrant for arrears of payments due to the Land Commission.

28.—(1) Where any person (in this section called the “defaulter”) has failed to pay money due and payable by him to the Land Commission, in respect of a purchase annuity, an annual sum equivalent to a purchase annuity, an additional sum, payment in lieu of rent, interest in lieu of rent, interest on: purchase money, rent of a holding, or rent payable under an agreement for the letting of a parcel of land for temporary convenience it shall be lawful for the Land Commission, if and when the Land Commission thinks proper, to issue to the county registrar of the county in which the lands are situate or to the county registrar of any county in which the defaulter resides or has a place of business, a warrant in the prescribed form certifying the name of the defaulter, the amount of the money so due by him as aforesaid, and (as the case may require) the residence or place of business of the defaulter or the situation and description of the lands in respect of which such money is due, and authorising such county registrar to levy, in accordance with this section the money aforesaid.

(2) A warrant issued under this section shall have the same force and effect as an execution order within the meaning of the Enforcement of Court Orders Act, 1926 (No. 18 of 1926), and shall be a sufficient authority to a county registrar to act in accordance therewith.

(3) Immediately upon receipt from the Land Commission of a warrant under this section the county registrar shall, after serving such notices and doing such acts as may be prescribed in that behalf by regulations to be made by the Minister for Justice, proceed to levy the money therein certified to be due by the defaulter in the same manner as execution orders at the suit of the Land Commission are by law leviable, and such county registrar shall, for that purpose, have all such rights, powers and duties as are for the time being vested in or imposed on him by law in relation to the execution of an execution order including such rights, powers and duties as are for the time being vested in or imposed on him by section 31 of the Land Act, 1927 .

(4) All moneys paid to or levied or otherwise received by a county registrar on account of the money mentioned in a warrant issued under this section shall be paid by him to the Land Commission.

(5) The remedies for the recovery of moneys given to the Land Commission by this section shall be in addition to, and not in derogation of, any other remedies which the Land Commission may have by law for the recovery of such moneys.

(6) In the application of this section in relation to a county for which there is for the time being an under-sheriff, this section shall have effect as if the word “under-sheriff” were substituted for the expression “county registrar” throughout this section.