Perpetual Funds (Registration) Act, 1933

Supplementary powers of the registrar.

12.—(1) The registrar may require any trustee or the secretary of any registered perpetual fund or of any perpetual fund for the registration of which application has been made under this Act to furnish, either by statutory declaration or otherwise, any information or explanation which may be necessary for the proper exercise and performance of the powers and duties of the registrar under this Act.

(2) In the event of any breach of trust being committed by the trustees of a registered perpetual fund by reason of their making any unauthorised investment or by reason of their committing a breach of any rule of such fund which complies with the requirements set out in the Schedule to this Act, the registrar shall have the like remedies in all respects for such breach of trust as he would have if he were a person beneficially interested in such fund.