Public Hospitals Act, 1933

Appointment of sweepstake committee.

5.—(1) Whenever the governing body of a hospital (other than a hospital under the control of a local authority or a county infirmary or a county fever hospital) or the governing bodies of two or more such hospitals desires or desire to hold sweepstakes under this Act to raise money for the purposes of the Hospitals Trust Fund, such governing body or bodies (in this Act referred to as the organisers) may appoint for the purpose of such sweepstakes a committee (in this Act referred to as a sweepstake committee), of such number and of such persons at the organisers may think proper, to manage and control such sweepstakes.

(2) Vacancies occurring by death or resignation in the membership of a sweepstake committee may be filled by the organisers by whom such committee was appointed.

(3) A sweepstake committee may act notwithstanding one or more vacancies in its membership.

(4) No member of a sweepstake committee shall receive any remuneration for acting as a member of such committee or for any services rendered or work done by him in relation to the sweepstakes for the purposes of which such committee was appointed.

(5) If the Minister for Justice by direction in writing delivered at the address of a sweepstake committee or posted to such address so directs, or if the organisers by which a sweepstake committee was appointed by direction in writing delivered at or posted to such address so direct, or if a sweepstake committee by passing a resolution so decides such sweepstake committee shall not, after the date of receiving from the said Minister or from such organisers such direction or of passing such resolution, submit to the Minister for Justice under this Act any scheme in respect of any sweepstake, and shall continue to be a sweepstake committee only for the purposes of any sweepstake in respect of which a scheme had been submitted to the Minister for Justice under this Act by such sweepstake committee prior to such date, and such sweepstake committee shall as from such date be dissolved for all other purposes.

(6) No sweepstake committee shall be appointed under this section while any other sweepstake committee is in existence unless such other sweepstake committee has, under the foregoing sub-section, received a direction from the Minister for Justice or from the organisers by whom such sweepstake committee was appointed, or has passed a resolution under that sub-section.