Cement Act, 1933

Grant of import licences.

34.—(1) The Minister may refuse an application for an import licence on any one or more of the following grounds and on no other ground whatsoever, that is to say:—

(a) that the applicant has not complied with the provisions of the immediately preceding section, or

(b) that the applicant has been convicted of an offence under the immediately preceding section, or

(c) that, having regard to the existing stocks of cement in Saorstát Eireann and the quantity (if any) of cement about to be imported under import licences already issued, it is not in his opinion expedient to grant such licence.

(2) Where an application is made to the Minister for the grant of an import licence and such application is not refused, the Minister shall notify the applicant of the amount of the licence fee payable under this Part of this Act in respect of such licence and upon payment by the applicant to him of such fee the Minister shall grant such licence.