National Health Insurance Act, 1933

Duties of provisional committee.

10.—It shall be the duty of the provisional committee to do the following things, that is to say:—

(a) to do all such things as may be necessary for transferring to the Unified Society before the appointed day the engagements of approved societies;

(b) to take such steps as may be necessary for the election before the appointed day of the first members' representatives on the committee of management of the Unified Society;

(c) to make, subject to the provisions of the Acts, so far as the same relate to the Unified Society, and this Act, with the approval of the Minister, rules for the administration of the affairs of the Unified Society;

(d) to examine and report to the Minister before the appointed day as to the possibility of establishing a suitable superannuation scheme for officers and employees of the Unified Society having regard to the moneys available for the purpose under the financial provisions of the Acts;

(e) to fulfil such other functions as are assigned to the provisional committee by this Act.