Foreshore Act, 1933

Authorisation by Minister of sea defence works.

9.—(1) Any person desiring to erect on any seashore which is not owned by him and does not belong to Saorstát Eireann any sea defence work may apply to the Minister for authority to erect such work, and thereupon the Minister, if he is satisfied that the erection of a sea defence work is necessary for the protection of the property of such person and that it is right and proper that such person should be empowered to erect such work, may by order authorise such person to erect on such seashore the sea defence work mentioned in his said application with such (if any) modifications as the Minister shall think proper to specify.

(2) The Minister may insert in any order made by him under this section such conditions and restrictions (including conditions in relation to the assessment and payment of compensation) as he shall think proper.

(3) Whenever an application is made to the Minister for an order under this section, the Minister may, if he thinks fit, hold a public inquiry in relation to the making of such order.

(4) An order under this section shall be expressed and shall operate to authorise the person named therein to enter on the seashore specified therein and to erect on such seashore a specified sea defence work, but subject to payment of compensation for all damage done and subject to such conditions and restrictions as shall be specified in such order.