Foreshore Act, 1933

Evidence of title to foreshore.

15.—(1) Where on the fixing of a judicial rent under the Land Law Acts a sum was added to or included in such rent for any foreshore or on account of any right or facility or alleged right or facility to or for taking material from any foreshore the order of the sub-commission or court fixing such rent shall not be evidence, as against the State, of the ownership of such foreshore or of the existence of a right to take such material.

(2) Neither the taking, during any period however long, from any foreshore of seaweed deposited or washed up thereon by the action of tides, winds and waves or any of them and not rooted or growing thereon, nor the letting or licensing to other persons, during any period however long, of an alleged right to take such seaweed from any foreshore shall, by itself and without more, constitute possession of or be proof of title to such foreshore.