Foreshore Act, 1933

Erection of structures on foreshore.

10.—(1) No person shall erect on any tidal lands not belonging to Saorstát Eireann any building, pier, wall, or other permanent structure otherwise than in accordance with maps, plans, and specifications approved of by the Minister.

(2) The Minister shall not refuse to approve under this section of any maps, plans, and specifications on any ground save that a structure erected in accordance with such maps, plans, and specifications would be or would cause or be likely to cause (directly or indirectly) an obstruction to navigation or to fishing.

(3) Whenever any structure is erected in contravention of this section and the Minister is of opinion that such structure is or causes or is likely to cause (directly or indirectly) an obstruction to navigation or to fishing, the Minister may serve on the person by whom such structure was erected or, if such person is dead or (if a corporate body) is dissolved or if such person is not known or cannot be found, on any person in possession of such structure a notice in writing requiring such person to pull down and remove such structure within such time (not being less than one month) from the service of such notice as the Minister shall think proper and shall specify in such notice.

(4) Whenever a person on whom a notice has been served under the next preceding sub-section of this section fails to pull down and remove the structure to which such notice relates within the time specified in that behalf in such notice, the Minister may (as the case may require) pull down and remove or complete the pulling down and removal of such structure or cause (as the case may require) such structure to be pulled down and removed or the pulling down and removal thereof to be completed and (in any case) shall be entitled to be paid by and to recover from the said person on whom the said notice was so served the costs and expenses of such pulling down and removal or completion (as the case may be) as a civil debt in any Court of competent jurisdiction.