Therapeutic Substances Act, 1932

Import licences.

9.—(1) The Minister may grant a licence (in this Act referred to as an import licence) to import any therapeutic substance to which this Act applies manufactured by a manufacturer specified in such licence to any person who—

(a) applies in the prescribed form and manner to the Minister for such licence, and

(b) sends with such application a written undertaking (in this Act referred to as a manufacturer's undertaking) signed by or on behalf of such manufacturer that he will, in the event of such licence being granted, during the continuance of such licence comply with the prescribed conditions.

(2) Every import licence shall—

(a) be in the prescribed form, and

(b) be expressed and operate to licence the person to whom it is granted to import from the manufacturer named therein all the therapeutic substances to which this Act applies or such one or more of them as may be specified in such licence, and

(c) be granted subject to the conditions prescribed in respect thereof, and

(d) be granted subject to the observance by such manufacturer of the manufacturer's undertaking signed by him in respect of such licence.

(3) Every import licence shall, unless sooner revoked or suspended under this Act, remain in force for the prescribed period from the date thereof and shall then expire.