Army Pensions Act, 1932

Reference of applications to Army Pensions Board.

9.—Whenever the Minister, after referring under the immediately preceding section to the Registration Board an application for the grant under this Part of this Act of a pension or gratuity to or an allowance or gratuity in respect of any person, receives from the Registration Board a service certificate in respect of such person, the Minister shall (unless it appears from such service certificate that such person is not a person to whom a pension or gratuity or in respect of whom an allowance or gratuity could be granted under this Part of this Act) refer the said application to the Army Pensions Board in pursuance of Section 7 of the Act of 1927, and thereupon that section and Section 8 of that Act shall apply subject to the modification that the Army Pensions Board shall not investigate or report on any matter which is, under this Part of this Act, the subject of ascertainment and certification by the Registration Board.