Housing (Financial and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1932

Rates of wages and conditions of labour.

8.—(1) In this section references to the commencement of a house shall be construed as referring, in the case of a house erected under a contract, to the date on which such contract was made, and, in the case of any other house, to the date on which the erection of such house was begun.

(2) This section applies to every house which is commenced after the passing of this Act and is erected either—

(a) by a local authority; or

(b) in an urban area by a public utility society; or

(c) in an urban area by a person who is by trade a builder under a contract or for the purpose of being let or sold.

(3) The Minister shall not make under this Act a grant or a contribution to annual loan charges in respect of the erection of a house to which in his opinion this section applies where it is shown to his satisfaction that throughout such erection rates of wages have not been paid or conditions of labour observed at least as advantageous to the persons employed in such erection as the appropriate rates of wages or conditions of labour generally recognised by trade unions at the commencement of such house.