Dublin and Blessington Steam Tramway (Abandonment) Act, 1932

The Committee of Management.

3.—(1) The Committee of Management appointed under the Order of 1927 shall continue for the purposes of this Act, as well as for the purposes of that Order, but on and after the appointed day the membership of the said Committee shall be regulated by this section, and the Order of 1927 shall not apply in respect of such membership.

(2) The Corporation may nominate three persons approved of by the Minister to be members of the Committee, and each of such three persons shall become and be a member of the Committee as on and from whichever of the following dates is the later, that is to say, the day on which his nomination as such member is approved of by the Minister or the appointed day.

(3) No person shall be nominated under this section by the Corporation to be a member of the Committee unless he is a ratepayer in the county borough owning or occupying rateable lands or hereditaments of an annual value not less than ten pounds and situate in the portion of the guaranteeing area which is within the county borough.

(4) Every person who is a member of the Committee on the appointed day or becomes a member thereof under this section on or after the appointed day shall hold office as such member until he resigns such office, or dies, or the Committee is dissolved under this section, whichever first happens.

(5) Every vacancy in the membership of the Committee which shall exist on or occur after the appointed day by the resignation or death of a member shall be filled by the nomination by the Minister of a person to fill such vacancy.

(6) Every person nominated by the Minister under this section shall have the same qualifications in respect of paying rates and owning or occupying land or hereditaments as were required by the Order of 1927 or this section to be held by the member whose resignation or death occasioned such vacancy.

(7) The Committee may act after the appointed day notwithstanding one or more vacancies in its membership and notwithstanding any delay or failure by the Corporation to nominate all or any of the members of the Committee which the Corporation is entitled under this section to nominate.

(8) When the Minister is satisfied that no functions remain to be performed by the Committee under the Order of 1927 or under this Act and that the Committee is no longer required for the purposes of that Order or of this Act, the Minister shall by order declare the Committee to be dissolved and thereupon the Committee shall become and be dissolved.