Landlord and Tenant Act, 1931

Right of tenant to information.

40.—(1) A tenant of a tenement who has been served with a notice to quit such tenement or whose tenancy in such tenement has expired by the fall of a life or the happening of any other uncertain event or whose tenancy in such tenement will expire by effluxion of time within three months may serve all or any of the following notices, that is to say:—

(a) on his landlord or the person to whom he pays the rent of such tenement, a notice requiring such landlord or person to inform such tenant of the nature and duration of such landlord's reversion in such tenement and the name and address of the immediately superior landlord (if any) of such landlord;

(b) on any person whom such tenant reasonably believes to be a superior landlord or the agent of a superior landlord of such tenement, a notice requiring such person to inform such tenant whether such person or any person for whom he is agent has or has not any estate or interest in such tenement, the nature, tenure, and duration of such estate or interest (if any), and the names and addresses of the persons having estates or interests in such tenement immediately superior or immediately inferior to such estate or interest.

(2) It shall be the duty of any person on whom a notice is served under this section to give or send in writing, within one fortnight after the service of such notice, to the tenant by whom such notice was so served, the information asked for by such notice so far as it is within the possession or procurement of such person.

(3) Where a tenant has served a notice under this section and the person on whom such notice is so served fails or neglects to give or send in writing to such tenant, within the time limited by this section, such information as he is required by this section so to give or send, such tenant may apply to the Court and on the hearing of such application the Court may make such order as justice may require with a view to compelling such person so to give or send such information.