Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1931

Repeal of enactments.

4.—(1) The enactments mentioned in the Fifth Schedule to this Act are hereby repealed to the extent specified in the second column of that Schedule.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in the foregoing sub-section where before the commencement of this Act in pursuance of the Act of 1890 any notice requiring the execution of works has been served, or any demand for, or order relating to, the expenses of executing works, or any closing order or demolition order has been made, or any scheme or order has been confirmed or approved by the Minister or any order has been submitted to him for confirmation or approval, the like proceedings (including proceedings for the forification of a confirmed scheme) may be taken thereon and the like consequences shall ensue as might have been taken or would have ensued if this Act had not been passed.

(3) The mention of particular matters in the preceding sub-section shall not be held to prejudice or affect the general application of section 13 of the Interpretation Act, 1923 (No. 46 of 1923) with regard to the effect of repeals.