Merchandise Marks Act, 1931

Exemption orders.

11.—If, where a restriction order has been made with respect to goods, it is shown to the satisfaction of the Executive Council by persons appearing to have a substantial interest in the matter that the application of the provisions of such order to any particular class or description of those goods has caused or is likely to cause injury or hardship to those persons, or any of them, the Executive Council may make an order (in this Part of this Act referred to as an exemption order) exempting such goods of that class or description from such restriction order, and in that case while such exemption order is in force such restriction order shall cease to have effect in relation to such class or description of goods.

(2) Whenever an exemption order is made notice of the making thereof shall be published in the Iris Oifigiúil and in such other manner as the Executive Council may deem suitable.

(3) Whenever an exemption order is made the Executive Council shall refer to the Commission for their consideration the question whether the restriction order to which the exemption order relates should be amended either in accordance with the terms of the exemption order or otherwise with respect to the goods the subject of such exemption order and the Commission shall report to the Executive Council on such question.

(4) The Executive Council may at any time revoke an exemption order.