Veterinary Surgeons Act, 1931

Correction of the register.

25.—(1) For the purpose of keeping the register correct the Council shall from time to time as occasion requires correct all verbal or clerical errors in the register, remove therefrom all entries therein procured by fraud or misrepresentation, enter in the register every change which comes to their knowledge in the addresses of the persons registered therein, and remove from the register the names of all persons who shall have died, and the Council shall also remove from the register the name of any person who applies to have his name removed therefrom.

(2) The Council may at any time on such terms and as from such date as they think proper restore to the register the name of any person whose name was erroneously removed from the register on the ground that he was dead and the name of any person whose name was removed from the register at his own request.

(3) The Council may by regulations made under this Act delegate to the registrar all or any of their powers and duties under this section other than the power of restoring a name to the register.