Veterinary Surgeons Act, 1931

Accounts of the Council and the audit thereof.

18.—(1) The Council shall keep all proper and usual accounts of all moneys received or expended by the Council and such accounts shall be audited at least once in every year by a chartered or other qualified auditor appointed for the purpose by the Council, and the fees of such auditor and also the expenses generally of such audits shall be paid by the Council.

(2) The Minister may, if he so thinks fit, prescribe the form in which the Council shall keep accounts in accordance with this section and if the Minister prescribes such form the Council shall keep such accounts in the form so prescribed.

(3) As soon as may be after every audit under this section of the accounts of the Council, the Council shall cause such accounts and the auditor's certificate and report thereon to be printed, published and put on sale either by inclusion in the volume containing the Veterinary Register or as a separate volume and shall immediately after every such publication present to the Minister and to each House of the Oireachtas a copy of such accounts and such certificate and report thereon as so printed and published.