Public Charitable Hospitals (Amendment) Act, 1931

Appointment of committees of reference.

3.—(1) When a scheme is sanctioned by the Minister under the Principal Act, the Minister shall forthwith appoint a committee consisting of three members (in this Act referred to as a committee of reference) for the purposes of such scheme and the sweepstake to which it relates, and shall nominate one of such members to be chairman of such committee.

(2) Whenever a vacancy occurs in the membership of a committee of reference by the death or resignation of a member thereof, the Minister shall forthwith appoint another person to be a member of such committee in place of the member thereof so dying or resigning.

(3) Every member of a committee of reference (including a member appointed under the next foregoing sub-section of this section to fill a vacancy) shall be paid such remuneration at such time or times as the Minister for Finance shall direct.

(4) The expenses incurred by a committee of reference in the performance of its functions under this Act and the remuneration of the members of such committee shall be paid by the committee which, prepared and submitted the scheme for the purposes of which such committee of reference was appointed and, if the sweepstake to which such scheme relates is held, the said expenses and remuneration shall be reckoned as part of the expenses of holding such sweepstake.