Local Government Act, 1931

Consequential dissolution of certain boards and committees.

4.—Whenever the Minister dissolves the council of a county under section 72 of the Act of 1925 or has before the passing of this Act dissolved the council of a county under that section or under section 12 of the Act of 1923 (whether such council is or is not still dissolved at the passing of this Act) every board of public health, board of health and public assistance and committee (other than a joint committee) of management of a mental hospital which but for such dissolution would be required by law to be appointed by such council shall, unless provision to the contrary is or was made by the Minister, be or be deemed to have been dissolved at the same time as such council is or was so dissolved, and the property, powers, and duties of such board or committee shall be deemed to be or to have been transferred to and to be or have been vested in and exercisable by the body, persons, or person to whom the powers and duties of such council are for the time being transferred under the said section 12 or the said section 72 .