Land Act, 1931

Extension of powers of recouping expenditure on repair of embankments, etc.

46.—(1) Where in the case of an estate the holdings on which are vested under this Act in the purchasers thereof, it appears to the Judicial Commissioner (on the application of the Land Commission) within six years after the publication of the vesting orders or the last of the vesting orders in respect of such holdings, that he could on the distribution of the purchase money of such estate, if an application in that behalf had then been made to him by the Land Commission, have ordered under section 20 of the Land Act, 1927 , the transfer of land bonds to the Land Commission, the Judicial Commissioner may within the said period of six years order any person who on such distribution received for his own benefit or received and retained under his control as a trustee any portion of such purchase money to repay to the Land Commission so much (if any) of the said purchase money so received or so received and retained by him as the Judicial Commissioner shall consider he could have so ordered to be so transferred on such distribution.

(2) Land bonds paid to the Land Commission in pursuance of an order made under this section shall be applied by the Land Commission to the purposes for which such land bonds would have been applicable if they had been transferred to the Land Commission under section 20 of the Land Act, 1927 .