Land Act, 1931

Transfer of incumbrances to rearranged holding.

33.—Where holdings have been retained by the Land Commission and rearranged and a holding so rearranged is vested in a person who previous to such rearrangement was tenant of a holding so retained, whether such vesting is consequent upon the acceptance by such person of an offer made by the Land Commission for the sale of such rearranged holding to him or is consequent upon an order under section 34 of the Land Act, 1923 , declaring such person to be the purchaser of such rearranged holding, all charges, incumbrances, and equities which immediately before such vesting affected the tenant's interest in the said retained holding of which such person was previously tenant shall, without any conveyance or order, become and be transferred to and thenceforward affect the said rearranged holding so vested in such person.