Local Government (Dublin) Act, 1930

Estimate of expenses and rates meeting.

77.—(1) The manager shall cause to be prepared in each local financial year at the prescribed time and in the prescribed form an estimate (in this section referred to as the estimate of expenses) showing the amounts which in his opinion will be necessary to meet the expenses and provide for the requirements of the Corporation during the local financial year then next ensuing.

(2) The estimate of expenses prepared in each year under this section shall be considered by the Council at a meeting thereof (in this section referred to as the rates meeting) at which the manager shall be present and which shall be held at the time prescribed by the Minister either generally or in regard to any particular year and of which not less than twenty-one days' notice in the prescribed form shall have been given by the town clerk to every member of the Council.

(3) Not less than twenty-one days before the day on which a rates meeting is to be held, the manager shall send to every member of the Council and shall deposit in the offices of the Corporation a copy of the estimate of expenses required by this section to be considered by the Council at such meeting, and the manager shall at the same time give notice in the prescribed manner and form of the fact that such estimate of expenses has been made and that a copy thereof has been so deposited.

(4) The copy of the estimate of expenses deposited under this section in the offices of the Corporation may be inspected free of charge by any member of the public at any time at which such offices are open for the transaction of official business, and the manager shall supply to every person making application to him therefor a copy of such estimate of expenses at the price of one shilling per copy.

(5) At a rates meeting or any adjournment thereof under this section the Council may (subject to the subsequent provisions of this section) amend whether by addition, omission, or variation the estimate of expenses required by this section to be considered by them at such meeting, and the Council shall by resolution passed at such meeting or any such adjournment thereof adopt such estimate of expenses either with or without amendment and shall by the same or any subsequent resolution passed by them at such meeting or such adjournment thereof determine in accordance with such estimate as so adopted the rates in the pound to be levied for the several purposes specified in such estimate.

(6) Whenever at a rates meeting an amendment of the estimate of expenses considered at such meeting is proposed and the manager is of opinion that such amendment, if made, would seriously prejudice the efficient or economic performance of the duties of the Council, the manager shall at such meeting state his objection to such amendment and his reasons therefor, and thereupon the Council shall consider such objection and shall either decide at such meeting not to make such amendment or shall adjourn the further consideration of such amendment.

(7) When the further consideration of an amendment of an estimate of expenses is adjourned under the foregoing sub-section of this section, the rates meeting shall, after all business which can lawfully and conveniently be transacted thereat without adjournment is disposed of, be adjourned for not less than fourteen days and at such adjourned meeting the amendment or amendments which occasioned the adjournment (with or without any modification thereof) but no other amendment of the said estimate of expenses shall be considered and decided upon and the business of the rates meeting shall be completed.