National Monuments Act, 1930

Local Advisory Committees.

22.—(1) A local authority may establish an advisory committee (in this Act referred to as a local advisory committee) to perform the functions mentioned in this section and every such committee shall be styled and known by the name of the functional area of the local authority by whom it is established followed by the words “National Monuments Advisory Committee.”

(2) Every local advisory committee shall consist of such number of persons, not less than three nor more than five, as the local authority by whom the same is established shall appoint to be members thereof.

(3) The persons appointed to be members of a local advisory committee may or may not, as the local authority shall think fit, be members of the local (authority by whom they are appointed but shall in every case be persons having practical experience or special knowledge of or interest in architecture, archaeology or some kindred subject and shall hold office as such members for such period as shall be fixed by the local authority when appointing them.

(4) A local advisory committee shall whenever so requested by the local authority by whom it was established give to such local authority advice and assistance in relation to the protection and preservation of the national monuments or any particular national monument in the functional area of such local authority or in relation to any other matter arising in the performance by such local authority of its duties and functions under this Act.

(5) A local advisory committee may make to the local authority by which it was established or to the Commissioners or to the Advisory Council such representations as it may think fit in relation to national monuments in its functional area.