Illegitimate Children (Affiliation Orders) Act, 1930

Recovery of weekly or other sums.

11.—(1) Every weekly or other sum which is payable in respect of an illegitimate child under an affiliation order or under this Act by the putative father of such child or by any other person may be recovered by the person to whom such sum is so payable from such putative father or such other person (as the case may be) as a civil debt.

(2) Where—

(a) any illegitimate child in respect of whom a weekly sum is payable under an affiliation order is in receipt of relief from any local body administering the relief of the poor, and

(b) any such weekly sum (or any part thereof) which either fell to be paid before the commencement of the receipt of such relief or falls to be paid during the continuance of such relief remains unpaid,

a Justice of the District Court may, on the application of such local body for directions, make such order in the matter, and in particular in regard to weekly sums remaining unpaid at the date of such order, as he shall think proper.