Game Preservation Act, 1930

Protection orders in respect of hares.

7.—(1) The Minister may, if and whenever he thinks fit, by order (in this Act referred to as a hares protection order) prohibit either permanently or for any period specified in such order the killing or taking of hares in any particular county or part of a county specified in such order.

(2) The Minister may at any time by order vary in any respect or revoke a hares protection order made by him under this section.

(3) The Minister may, if he so thinks fit on the application of the occupier of any land in a county or part of a county to which a hares protection order relates, exempt by writing under his hand for such time and on such conditions as he thinks fit such land or any part thereof from such order, and upon such exemption being so granted such order shall not apply or relate to the land the subject of such exemption so long as such exemption continues in force.

(4) When a hares protection order has been made under this section, it shall not be lawful for any person while such order continues in force to kill or take hares in the county or part of a county to which such order relates by any means other than—

(a) by coursing with not more than two dogs let loose from slips in pursuit of the hare, or

(b) by hunting with a pack of harriers or of beagle hounds in respect of which a hunting permit has been issued under this Act by the Minister.

(5) Every person who kills or takes hares in contravention of this section shall be guilty of an offence under this Part of this Act and shall be punishable accordingly.